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Palmetto Project

Palmetto Project

As we age, our immune system weakens and it becomes harder to fight off common illnesses. It is essential to protect ourselves from disease by getting routinely vaccinated. It’s never too late to protect yourself and your loved ones! Here’s a list of some important vaccines for older adults and a short description of their…MORE

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Certified 33X Platinum

The RIAA (Recording Industry Of America), officially certifies Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” 33X platinum! It’s the only album ever to achieve the milestone! Click here for the story.MORE

Rappers Eminem And Wale Invest In A New Sneaker Stock Market

If you’re a sneaker collector and want to truly find out the value of your sneakers, there’s a new sneaker stock market that’s starting called Stock X. Rappers Eminem and Wale recently invested over $6 Million into the new company. Click here for the story. MORE

“A Day Without Immigrants” National Strike

Businesses across the country are experiencing “A Day Without Immigrants” national strike, in response to President Trump’s immigration plan. Click here for the story.MORE