VP & The After Party

VP ON THE Z: VP grew up in a military family which brought her parents to retire in Columbia, SC. VP’s foundation in Gospel music led her to the undeniable draw of Hip Hop and R&B. She moved to Charleston in 2010 and attended the College of Charleston. In 2013, VP was asked to do a show on Cistern Yard Radio, College of Charleston’s radio network. It was there she created her first radio show. “Transcend and Transform,” a show that discussed race relations in current events and everyday interactions. The show received the highest award granted in Cistern Yard Radio, the CYR Award, after it’s first year. After graduating from College of Charleston in 2014, “Transcend & Transform” was transferred to KLIX Radio, an independent radio station in Charleston, SC. VP also helped to launch the FIX-FM and created the Hip Hop show “Time TNL.” In 2016, VP applied for a part time position at Cumulus Media and began working as a production assistant. A year later, DJ Cass passed the Chucktown Hit Factory “torch” to VP where she continued to foster the relationship between local artistry and the radio station, Now you can hear VP Weekdays from 7pm-12mid during ”VP & The After Party.”